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Marine Insurance Brokers is proud to offer various risk management solutions for Inland Marine exposures such as:

Inland Marine Coverage- Property insurance for property in transit over land, certain types of moveable property, instrumentalities of transportation (such as bridges, roads, and piers, instrumentalities of communication (such as television and radio towers), and legal liability exposures of bailees. Many inland marine coverage forms provide coverage without regard to the location of the covered property; these are sometimes called "floater" policies.

Installation and Rigger’s Liability - Insurance for a contractor's liability arising out of the moving of property and equipment that belongs to others. The standard commercial general liability (CGL) policy does not cover this risk due to the exclusion for "personal property of others in your care, custody or control." Riggers liability coverage can be affected by attaching a riggers liability endorsement to the CGL policy that modifies or deletes the "care, custody or control" exclusion.

Warehouse Operator Legal Liability - Insurance coverage against liability that might be incurred by businesses that store property of others for a fee.

Domestic Transit - Insuring shipment within the continental United States.

Motor Truck Cargo Liability - An inland marine form covering loss of property in the course of transit, either by common carrier or on the insured's own vehicles, depending on the form used

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